CFRE's Recommended Reading List 

When I said I wanted to help you pass the CFRE for less, I meant it. The CFRE provides a list of books that they recommend for the studying process. 

This is a free download where I give you some thoughts on whether the "Resource Reading List" provided by CFRE is worth purchasing. 

Out of the many recommended reading sources on the CFRE list, I only strongly recommend two for purchase. If you buy them using these links, I will receive a portion of the proceeds. If you see them for cheaper, buy them that way. Seriously, I frequently forget that the library is a thing.

Achieving Excellence in Fundraising is the best overall review. The content was built to align with the CFRE. It is a diverse yet thorough study tool. Some of the information is dated - mainly all the social media content - but that's to be expected to some degree, given the rapid rate that industry changes. 

Keep Your Donors is the one book I could see me keeping for years and updating it when there are new editions. Its focus is mostly on communication styles and development of donors on the pipeline.