Is a CFRE worth it? 

It's not just a lot of money to spend - it's a lot of time, too! So it's only natural to wonder if it's going to pay off in the end. 


This is something I can't help with quite yet since I only reached CFRE designation status as of April 2021. So I compiled a list of resources that ask the question of whether a CFRE is worth it. I also want to connect with other CFREs and have them share their wealth of knowledge


Other Resources 


Inside Charity - "CFRE vs. NANOE – Which Credential Benefits Me Most?" 

This is a FANTASTIC breakdown of pros and cons of different types of certifications that are offered to nonprofit workers who want to grow in their career, including the CFRE.


This is a slightly older post (2011) but it's one of the only ones I found that didn't just break down CFRE's top 10 reasons again. 


Another top 10 list but it at least offers slightly different perspective than CFRE. 


A great perspective that actually confronts CFRE's lack of diversity. 



Talisman Philanthropy - "To CFRE or Not to CFRE"

To CFRE or Not to CFRE is an older post but it offers some insight.