Tips for the CFRE Application

The application takes years. 

Well, really, the process behind the application takes years. It takes diligent tracking and reading over the application instructions over and over again. The application is part 1 of the CFRE certification process. If your application is accepted, you will receive email instructions about selecting your preferred testing date. 


Tips for the CFRE Application 

  • Triple-check that your professional development hours are from an approved vendor before you submit. 

  • Scan or upload your professional development in a sky drive (i.e. Google Drive) and take the notes with you from job to job. It also might help you study for the test! 

  • You'll need to pay at the time of application submission, so figure out your funding source when you are fully ready to submit. I paid for my own test, but remember, this may be reimbursable through your employer. Here are some other things to consider.

    • Offer to fundraise an additional $700 - $850 (cost depends on whether or not you have an AFP membership). 

    • Offer to split it with your employer. 

    • Or, pay for it by yourself and upon achieving full status, negotiate for more of a professional development stipend. 

Other tips 

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